Tubular Fencing & Gates

Bensons Contracting can supply and install a wide variety of tubular steel fencing suitable for securing an area without obstructing the view. It can be used around a pool area, front yard, factory units or as security fencing around industrial properties.

All our tubular steel fencing can be fully customised to suit your project, including colour, style and height. Because we use genunine tubular steel fencing, it is a lot more durable than the aluminium ‘immitation’ tubular fencing your might purchase from your local hardware/DIY store.

All pool fencing is manufactured and installed according to the Australian Standard AS 1926.1 – 1993. However, we recommend that you contact your local shire to determine regulations for installation of your fencing and gates.

In addition to tubular steel fencing, Bensons Contracting also supplies and/or installs tubular steel gates to match your fence. The gates can use swing or slide mechanisms and can even be electronically controlled.

R&R Fencing is one of our main suppliers of tubular steel fencing.