Licensed Asbestos Removal

It is well known that asbestos is a hazardous substance and can be damaging to your health if inhaled. To work with asbestos you must be trained in the safe way of handling and transporting the material. In Western Australia, it is illegal to remove asbestos from your property without the correct licence.

At Bensons Contracting we are fully equipped to undertake asbestos removal and disposal. We take the hassle and worry out of asbestos removal, as we hold the relevant restricted licence for the removal of asbestos in Western Australia. Our Asbestos removal licence does not just limit us to fences, but also eve sheets, roofing (under 200 sqm), wall sheeting and piping.

Bensons Contracting are the accredited asbestos removal contractor for the Shire of Armadale. This means the highest care is taken in the removal and disposal of the asbestos. We can pass on this professionalism in all your asbestos removal related tasks.

It is important to understand that an asbestos fence cannot be legally fixed or reinstalled. Even if you have damage to just a single sheet in a fence, that sheet cannot be removed by itself to be repaired or to have other material screwed to it. We can completely remove and safely dispose of your asbestos fence and replace it with an enivornmentally friendly Colorbond® or PVC fence.