Limestone Walls

Bensons Contracting are experienced in building limestone retaining walls. Whatever your retaining needs Bensons can come up with a solution to match. Whether you are after a small wall for a garden bed right through to changing the landscape of your property.

We build our walls out of reconstituted limestone blocks which come in various sizes from the larger 1m blocks to the smaller 240mm blocks. We also offer natural earth blocks which have a red/brown colour finish. We can advise you on what will look right in your yard while making sure it is built to last. We can also offer assistance when it comes to shire approval and engineering to guarentee a wall built right and strong.

The good thing about limestone walls are that they are a cost effective solution for retaining as well as an appealing addition to your yard. Our company also offers a range of different limestone work including screen walls, limestone stairs and piers. We can install a wide range of fencing on top of your limestone walls which leads to an effective and safe boundary for your property.