Colorbond Fencing & Gates

Imitation coloured steel fencing is widely used in the market. However, genuine Colorbond fencing can be identified by the subtle laser engraving (on either side of the fence) which can be found at least 3 times on every panel. With Bensons Contracting, you can be assured that you are only receiving genuine Colorbond in all our work, making your investment safe and your money well spent.

Colorbond® engraved into Colorbond fence panel
Fencing made from COLORBOND® steel will be laser engraved with the COLORBOND® steel logo.

Unlike a timber pailing, Colorbond fencing looks great from both sides of the fence. It comes in a range of 14 colours that can be closely matched to your existing home, roof and gutters, garage door or even your backyard garden shed.

Colorbond fencing has been tested for over 40 years in some of the harshest Australian conditions, and is proven to be both durable and safe from termites, as well as giving a high level of security and privacy. In addition, testing by the CSRIO and the Bushfire Cooperative Council has shown that a steel fence can even help protect your property during a bushfire.

One of the best features of Colorbond fencing is the low maintenance. All that is required is the occassional washdown and ensuring the bottom rail is clear of soil and garden debris. Unlike other fencing, it does not require nailing pailings back on or repainting every couple of years.

Plinths can be used as a retainer for ground height differences
Plinths can be used as a retainer for ground height differences.

A unique characteristic of Colorbond fencing is that it can be used as a retainer for ground height differences (e.g. between adjoining properties or garden beds) and can also stop your pets from digging underneath your fence. The retaining feature are Gramline plinths, which are horizontal sections of steel that are positioned underneath the bottom rail, inside the posts of each panel.

Bensons Contracting utilises Colorbond fencing for a wide range of purposes, including boundary fencing, internal fencing, in-fill panels (from house to fence/boundary) or between piers on a wall. It can also be core drilled into limestone retaining walls. We can install Colorbond fencing tailor-measured for your project, and can mix and match colours and styles to create your own unique design. Colorbond fencing can also be sloped or stepped to match your ground contours, ranging from heights of 900mm up to 2100mm. We can also enhance the look of your fence by adding metal lattice on top as well as aluminium slats for that stylish finish.

In addition to Colorbond fencing, Bensons Contracting also supplies and/or installs Colorbond gates to match your fence. The gates can use swing or slide mechanisms and can even be electronically controlled.

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